Hercules Boasts a Rich History of Transportation Excellence

Following is a timeline for the Hercules transformation in transportation:

1902 - Hercules is founded as a buggy manufacturer in Evansville IN
1912 - Hercules builds its first truck body
1921 - Worlds largest buggy company – 84,000 buggies per year built
1925-35 - Better Business Bodies built for Ford, Chevrolet, Studebaker and Durant
1930 - First mechanically refrigerated transport body built by Hercules
1957 - George Caddick becomes partner at Hercules
1961 - Hercules pioneers urethane insulation in truck body production
1972 - Hercules builds first rental reefer body used by Ryder
1980 - Hercules becomes self-sufficient in parts fabrication
1982 - Hercules builds its first frameless trailer for Sysco
1988 - Hercules moves to current plant location, begins dry freight body production
1991 - Hercules introduces aerodynamic 8” radius front
1994 - Hercules pioneers high pressure foam insulation in industry
2000 - Jeffrey Caddick (George’s son) assumes ownership of Hercules
2004 – Hercules introduces Vantastic door
2007 - Co-developed auto-sequential defrost system w/ Dole Mfg and Emerson
2012 - Pioneered online service manuals for 24/7 access by valued customers

Hercules Truck & Van Body Manufacturers Provide Durability, Value, Flexibility, Safety, & Temperature Management for Your Truck and/or Fleet.