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Hercules - the Body Specialist, is Number 2 and Gaining

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Hercules has been setting standards since 1902. With over 100 years experience as the custom body and refrigeration specialists, developing a design to meet your needs is not only our primary goal, it is our proven area of expertise.

Our experience shows in Hercules’ lower body weight and plate systems that save dramatically on fuel consumption. Cost-effective “green” refrigeration systems are in fast track development to keep Hercules’ equipment on the leading edge of technology. And, we listen so that we can build what you really need with the best options for you including:

  • 75+ years experience building refrigerated bodies
  • Built worlds first mechanically refrigerated transport body in 1930
  • Custom body builder – 8’ to 30’
  • Superior design for maximum temperature retention
  • Driver convenience items – walk ramps, lift gates, platforms w/ steps
  • Full range of refrigeration choices
    • mechanical units
    • straight cold plate systems
    • cold plate / blower systems
    • hybrid plate systems
  • Extensive variety of options

Most manufacturers will offer service, but, what kind of service? Hercules offers friendly customer centered service tailored to your needs. And quality... Hercules quality is second to none. Our equipment... now that is our pride and joy!

Hercules is the #2 provider of cold plate refrigerated bodies in the USA. We offer straight plate and plate/blower systems for all temperature ranges. In 2007, Hercules co-developed an auto-sequential defrost system with Dole Mfg. and Emerson Hercules has an ongoing development program of hybrid cold plate systems.

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