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Hercules Truck & Van Body Manufacturers Provide Durability, Value, Flexibility, Safety, & Temperature Management for Your Truck and/or Fleet.


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Why Buy Hercules...

Following are just some of the many reasons to buy Hercules:

Front Radius: Extruded Aluminum (.12") 8" front radius completely encompassing sidewalls and roof sheet. Radius is miter cut and welded for water tightness and added strength. It is 60% more aerodynamic and stronger than conventional roof cap designs with no possibility of leakage.

Side Posts: Galvanized steel "Z" posts (insulated bodies) or "hat" posts (dry freight bodies) for increased durability, strength and attachment.

Shell: Hercules utilizes the same watertight construction in our dry freight bodies as in our insulated shells.

Side Doors: Extruded Aluminum Jamb with thermal breaks on insulated bodies for a more durable door jam.

Insulation: CFC free polyurethane, foamed in place. High pressure system allows foam to migrate from cavity to cavity having NO voids during wall construction. Facilitates a better cell structure and improved insulating factor. Our design and body building technique results in maximum temperature retention.

Floor: Hardwood floor stringers are used on insulated bodies rather than pine floor stringers which are more durable in fork truck and pallet applications and longer lasting. Aluminum floor sections interlock, a design feature that receives less stress and fewer potential leaks.

Crossbars: Galvanized steel 4" C bars w/continuous end clips and gussets welded to the back of each crossbar. Promotes transverse stability and prevents rocking/racking and floor deterioration.

Barlocks: Heavy duty hot dipped galvanized steel anti-rack bar locks as standard.

Weight: Hercules believes in building a strong body with focus on weight savings particularly with our insulated bodies. Compared to some of our competitors, Hercules' bodies have proven to be up to 2000+ pounds lighter on similar specs.

Design: Hercules custom body focus assures our customers a unique design tailored to their individual needs.

Sales Staff: At Hercules, we are proud to say that what REALLY differentiates us from our competition is the level of customer service provided through our sales staff, both before and after the sale. - When it comes to customer service, there is no competition to Hercules.

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